Hello everyone! This post will be about my dining experience at the newly opened, Kaisen Tei located in 313@somerset. The very first one in Singapore as of yet!
To start I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to MOF (Ministry of Food) for the invite, and also to Kaisen Tei itself for the hospitality and arrangements during the blog event.

Located on the third floor of 313@somerset, Kaisen Tei prepares a deliciously fresh donburi that is mainly catered to go. For people choosing to dine in, their concept is for the casual diners, and especially good for the nearby office workers looking to grab a quick bite. They'll also pop up in GSH Plaza (end March 2017) and United Square (1st week of May 2017), so keep an eye out for them!

A view of Kaisen Tei and fellow blogger Sochii (because a view is always prettier with a beautiful woman)

To get there, you would have to alight at Somerset MRT station and take the exit leading to 313@somerset and proceed to the third floor where they are located. If you need the unit number to make sure, it's #03-41. They are open from 11:30am - 10:00pm from Mondays to Thursdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, and 11:30am - 10:30pm every Fridays and Saturdays alongside the eve of every Public Holiday.

 Upon sitting down at your table, you'll have to decide between a la carte or customizing your very own donburi. Regardless of which, I can say that their seafood is actually surprisingly fresh! For first timers on trying a donburi, I would definitely recommend their Signature Kaisendon which costs SGD $16. The Signature Kaisendon has a decent amount of Salmon, Tuna, Swordfish, & mini scallops accompanied with sweet Japanese pickles, crunchy cucumber cubes, tiny tamagoyaki (egg rolls), spring onions, and Ikura (salmon roe). That's a lot of good stuff for just 16 bucks! It may sound a little overwhelming, but the portion size and taste, made it just the right amount for a satisfying meal.

Signature Kaisendon

For the hipster healthier alternative, you can try their Signature Kaisen Salad which also costs SGD $16, and is also loaded with the same ingredients as their Signature Kaisendon.

Signature Kaisen Salad

Both of Kaisen Tei's Signatures and additional toppings/sides

Another a la carte recommendation I would like to add is their Negitoro Don (Tuna and Spring onions) which costs SGD $16.80. I'm very particular about my Negitoro because it's something I really enjoy and would hate to order one that could potentially ruin my meal, like a few other stores have done so in the past. But I am very happy to say that the one at Kaisen Tei, has gotten a passing grade from my taste buds. Their minced tuna was of fresh quality and their touch of additional ingredients made the dish a little more outstanding.

Negitoro Don

For their DIY option, I have no recommendation in particular. Honestly. Did you think I was going to take away the fun of creating your own masterpiece? And who am I to judge on what your taste buds truly cater to? What I CAN tell you, is that their selection of seafood and toppings are made to keep you coming back to try various other options on your next visit. 

To start with, they have Two sizes for their DIY menu. Small which costs SGD $11 and includes 2 seafood of your choice, and Regular which costs SGD $16 and includes 4 seafood of your choice. Following by choosing your base of either Sushi rice or Salad. You also have the option to have your seafood Torched (Aburi)! Following next is their sauces to go with your base.

Their sauces include:
  • Kaisen sauce
  • Wafu Sauce
  • Wasabi Yuzu Sauce
  • Yakiniku Sauce
Their Kaisen sauce is more toward a shoyu based type, which goes very well with almost everything.
Their Wafu sauce is a sour yet strangely addictive onion based type, which is a lot similar to eating a sour cream and onion potato chip. It goes superbly well with your salad base!

Their Wasabi yuzu sauce is the most refreshing of the sauces, whetting your appetite and goes well with both salad and rice base. The wasabi is very mild and the yuzu stands out more.
Their Yakiniku sauce is more toward a garlic shoyu type, and goes well with rice or salad base, a double edged sword that removes the taste of the fresh fish, but could also potentially negate the "fishiness" that comes with most seafood.

The choices of seafood are Salmon, Tuna, Swordfish, Octopus, Clams, & Mini Scallops.
If that's not enough you also have a variety of sides and toppings to choose from!

 A sample of their DIY sheet

Their DIY station

Our DIY Creation! (hooray!)

I'd like to add that they are more toward a "self-service" style of ordering, so don't expect to be waited on once you're seated. No worries. It's a very simple task of ordering from the menu, paying at the cashier, waiting for your order number to be called, and finally collecting your meal. 

Overall, my experience was good. I enjoyed the tastes of their fresh seafood and affordability of it all. I'd like to note that their swordfish was of very good quality! Speaking of which, a thing you'll have to note is that it's best to start consuming your donburi within 20-25 minutes to enjoy the full taste of the fresh seafood!

I hope you found my post helpful and enjoyed the read. Until the next post, cheers!


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